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Quick And Efficient Juicer

For those of you who have high mobility but still want to pamper your body with healthy carrot juice, of course, you have to choose a juicer that can work quickly. The level of the processing speed of a durable juicer available on the url also varies, some work fast and slow. If you remember how the specifications of a masticating or cold press juicer are, then this is a good type of juicer that is classified as a slow juicer.

This type of juicer does not combine the fruit with the seeds and waste, but rather mashes the whole fruit and vegetable until smooth and separates the juice from the pulp. Because they work quite slowly, a good, cheap, slow juicer will provide less juice. However, the juice from processed slow juicers has the best fruit enzymes, fiber, and nutritional value. Plus, a good slow-running juicer can also minimize oxidation. Even for the resulting taste, the slow juicer will give you a pure, fresh, and no-froth taste.

Some people call a fast juicer a blender because they look at the concept of work that is not much different. This assumption cannot be said to be completely true or false, because some producers also add other features such as separating pulp and juice waste in each container. Talking about the performance of this juicer, of course, the slow juicer is still better at providing processed products. The fast juicer can rip the fruit with a high-speed knife, you don’t need long to enjoy a cup of fresh juice. However, these processed products undergo a faster oxidation process and the nutritional content in them has also been reduced. Therefore, a fast juicer is more suitable for those of you who want to drink the juice immediately after processing. The price of a fast juicer is also cheaper than a slow juicer.

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