Geneura Uncategorized Pushing the Boundaries of Printing: Mimaki LUS-120 and the World of Unconventional Substrates

Pushing the Boundaries of Printing: Mimaki LUS-120 and the World of Unconventional Substrates

In the innovative realm of printing, venturing into the uncharted territories of unusual substrates can be both challenging and exhilarating. And leading the vanguard of this revolution is the Mimaki LUS-120 ink. Unleashing a realm of creativity, it’s turning the impossible into the possible. Let’s hop on a journey to explore the expansive possibilities this ink offers!

When most folks think of printing, they envision paper, vinyl, or maybe canvas. But imagine printing on materials like leather, wood, or even certain metals! That’s right; Mimaki LUS-120 is like the magical key that opens up the treasure chest of unconventional printing surfaces.

Why the Fuss Over Unusual Substrates? The charm lies in creating unique, one-of-a-kind products. Ever seen a beautifully printed design on a leather jacket? Or a rustic wooden sign with vibrant prints? It’s eye-catching, right? By expanding the range of printable substrates, businesses and artists alike can offer products that stand out in a sea of sameness.

But how does Mimaki LUS-120 make this magic happen?

Flexibility is its Middle Name: One of the first hurdles when printing on unconventional substrates is the potential for cracking. Be it the grainy texture of wood or the soft surface of leather, inks can sometimes fail to adhere properly. However, with its elastic properties, Mimaki LUS-120 stretches and bends, ensuring the print remains intact.

UV-Curing for the Win: When dealing with unusual substrates, quick drying is crucial. The ink’s UV-curable nature means it dries rapidly upon exposure to UV light. This not only ensures a smudge-free print but also a durable one.

Vibrancy Like No Other: Whether it’s a metallic surface or a piece of textured fabric, the ink’s superior color density ensures the prints pop, making every detail stand out.

Eco-Friendly Adventures: As we push boundaries in printing, it’s also essential to consider our planet. Mimaki LUS-120, with its eco-friendly UV curing process, ensures we tread lightly, even as we explore wild printing frontiers.

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