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Properly Remove The Stains On Tile Floor

Tile floors are common in buildings around us. Ranging from minimalist homes, schools, offices to public toilets have also been tiled with ceramics. When you see beautiful tile motifs and bright ceramic colors, of course, you feel happy. Want the taste to linger to enjoy the coolness of the glazed tile floor. But what you feel when you find the tile floor of your house is dirty and not shiny. Surely you want to clean up quickly so that your room is comfortable again. You could use the service of best professional carpet cleaner or try to clean it yourself. Below is an explanation to help you with the easy way to polish your tile floor.

Clean the tile from dust, sand, and dirt. If tiles are too often scratched by dust or sand, then the tiles will fade away with a shiny color over time. Splash or spray the floor cleaning liquid or you can use a mixture of water with vinegar. Make evenings evenly on each floor of your house. It’s easier if you mop using a soft cloth and has a high water absorption. Always replace the rinse water when it’s dirty. And always squeeze a mop after every rinse. Allow the floor to dry then pay attention and feel whether your floor is shiny or not. So that the floor of your house stays clean and shiny, you better mop every week and don’t miss the routine sweeping of the floor every day.

The following are also presented stubborn stains and how to remove these stains. First, the most common stains on tiles are caused by oil. Place the cloth on the floor exposed to oil. Let it soak dry. Give lemon juice. Then wipe with a dry cloth. Bubble gum also is a problem on a tile floor. You need to rub it with a cloth that has been dipped in-ground oil to remove it. Drops of wax or wall paint will also make the tiles look dirty. It is enough to scrap it using a knife to remove it.

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