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Price Comparison And Break-Even Point Are Important For Setting Prices

Price comparison is a must for entrepreneurs and customers. This is because, without the comparison of prices, the goods or services that we sell will not be able to compete effectively in the market. On the customer side, they will face the risk of losing more money for a product that they can get at a lower price. Therefore, the comparison is important for everyone who wants to buy or sell a product. That’s why if you live in Norway, and you need to compare prices of various company services, we suggest you visit wikilink to do it.

Besides comparison, Break Even Price is also needed to determine the price. Break-Even Price shows what price we have to place so that the company does not lose money. But at this point, we just don’t lose anything. As a business owner, of course, we want to make a profit, so we will put the final sale price slightly above the value of the Break Even Price.

The thing we need to remember when determining prices is not to be too eager to gain big profits. Instead, we better make a periodic milestone plan, then adjust the calculations to that milestone.

For example, you can make a plan to pay off the company’s debt for one year to the next, then expand it the following year. Different milestones will certainly produce different sales projections. Then just adjust your marketing/sales strategy to that target.

As the strategy in general, we must also be aware of competitors around. Consider the prices of products similar to ours, are they cheaper or more expensive? Then find out what causes it. Are they cheaper because they use worse materials?

It doesn’t matter if your product is expensive, as long as you offer something to justify the price. Maybe you offer better customer service or higher quality. Today’s consumers are smart, they can judge whether the price of a product is feasible or not. Expensive prices can also give an exclusive impression.

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