Geneura Uncategorized People Must Understand These Points Before They Prepare Their Wedding Budgets

People Must Understand These Points Before They Prepare Their Wedding Budgets

In designing a wedding budget starting from pre-marriage (applications, processions before the wedding day), during the wedding day, and after marriage, you clearly have to determine priorities. If the availability of funds allows, of course, you can run everything you want. What happens when funds are limited? Of course, you have to make a decision, which should be good, which can be cut costs. In the meantime, you may go to if you need to rent an excellent wedding venue at a fair price.

In addition, consider the source of marriage funding. How to fund the wedding budget? Whether the payment is 100% the bridegroom, 100% the bride or the bride. Is it possible for the wedding can be held this year? How much money should be invested, saved or prepared to fulfill the purpose of marriage? You can use a financial calculator or consult with financial planners to help set up wedding funds.

Then, you must choose the wedding venue carefully. Organizing a wedding in a luxurious building is a dream for everyone. However, the costs incurred are also not cheap, because it is not wrong to take advantage of existing places such as the home page. With this, you will be able to reduce the budget because you do not have to rent a wedding venue. If you still want to use the building, look for a place that doesn’t require much decoration. If in the restaurant, look for one that has a garden or a little yard so it doesn’t need to be decorated much. The decoration was only limited to the accents in the selected corners. The accent can utilize a hobby collection without the need to spend additional funds.

Finally, consider food and beverage choices at the wedding wisely. In general, this makes the costs become inflated. If you distribute 500 invitations, prepare for 1000 people. Usually, this portion consists of 800 main buffet portions and a minimum of 5 food huts @ 200 servings. It is best to prepare a backup meal because this is the first impression the invited guests will see. To reduce expenses, try using a package system. There is no harm in you using catering services that provide other services such as decoration, makeup, and documentation.

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