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Openreach Craft Apprentice Recruitment

For the approximately 1500 openings, the organization has received more than 16000 applications since advertising the new engineer apprenticeship position. The £20k stated pay rate is an increase from the present rate, and after the 12-month apprenticeship, employees will be promoted to the role’s suitable pay point (plus bonus). Additional information will be provided in due course. The £20k pay rate is still up for debate with the DGS(T)-led BT Pay Team.

A technique called “Career Pathways” shows how positions grow in the sector from trainee to specialist. It should be noted, however, that there are many more roles than the pictorial method shows because every role will be supported by a job description. The implementation of career routes will not result in the mapping of current roles, it should be mentioned as well.

Branch offices are aware that the CSE function under Service Delivery (SD) was recently introduced and received a higher pay rate than the CAL/OMI. The NT has now successfully finished negotiations with Business and Corporate Delivery (BCD) for a new post that will have the same higher pay rate. A second letter that is delivered to Branches will cover the specifics of it and be the subject of it.

The NT thinks that people on Workforce 2020 contracts will embrace the introduction of these three positions because it offers meaningful promotion inside their business unit and flexibility between the units if a person wants to advance elsewhere within Openreach. The letter also states that the Upskilling initiative will provide 1700 engineers with the opportunity to transition to the CSE function for the current fiscal year, which will result in an increase in salary for those who are currently TMNE2s. An opportunity-by-opportunity breakdown of the training program will be given to us.

The NT is also acutely conscious of the lack of higher graded roles in the area for the current B2 group and the flat hierarchy of opportunities. In each business unit, there will be opportunities for people to become senior engineers under the brand-new position that we are now negotiating. This role will have about 1800 openings nationwide. The program will be tested from the end of April through July in the North East Region, with the title, job description, pay rate, etc. still being finalized. What is certain is that the post will offer a higher earning potential than the present TMNE2 and B2 rates.

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