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Negative Impact If Teenagers Do Diet

If you have children or younger siblings who are in their teens, pay attention to their diet, especially for girls. With access to information that is increasingly unstoppable nowadays, teenage girls already understand the standard of beauty where beauty equals thin and slim. Information about the extreme diets of celebrities is also easy for today’s teenagers to obtain, if not properly supervised, the effects can be dangerous. What are the dangers of dieting for teenagers if it is not supervised and guided by the adults around them? You can find out on workout den weight loss reviews.

Stunted growth
Adolescents generally don’t understand a healthy diet and their target is just to be thin and thinner. The result is a diet that is carried out is reducing food intake, skipping meals, coupled with mental pressure to become thinner again. Adolescents need the most nutritional intake compared to other stages of human life. Because at this time adolescents will experience rapid growth, have more activity, and their brains need as much energy as possible to balance their thinking abilities with hormonal changes. The danger of diet for adolescents is the lack of nutrients that are very important for the process of growth and development.

The habit of drinking energy drinks
Energy drinks are drinks that contain high caffeine which, if consumed in excess, can increase the risk of diabetes, heart attacks, and seizures. Energy drinks in large quantities can also affect a person’s mood and even cause behavioral disorders. Unfortunately, many energy drinks are consumed by teenagers with the intention of substituting food or as drinks that can accelerate the body’s metabolic rate. This does not mean that energy drinks should not be consumed, just not every day, and still eat nutritious foods.

Diet drug poisoning
Many diet drugs claim to be able to lose weight faster without having to be accompanied by exercise. This is certainly very tempting for teens who do not understand about health. The dangers of diet for adolescents who take diet drugs can lead to vomiting, poisoning, and even death. Using pocket money to buy diet pills can of course also be detrimental to himself because most diet drugs cannot actually lose body weight, which is eliminated only by water and suppresses appetite.

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