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Minimalist Design Provides Comfort To The Living Room

Seeing a room that is too full, even though the room is neat, sometimes causes a feeling of discomfort. By choosing a minimalist home interior design, it will feel more comfortable and avoid feeling uncomfortable because of the large number of furniture and items in one room. Minimalist interior design will make us feel more at home in the room or living room with this design. You can also add a carpet as decoration in your living room. For carpet care, this is not too difficult. You only need to use a vacuum cleaner so the dirt in the carpet will be lifted and to keep your carpet soft, you can use the Green USA Carpet Cleaning services service.

The existence of a carpet in your living room will be useful to reduce noise. Noises that can be muted include footsteps, radio, and television sounds. The installation of carpets can also reduce noise that might be heard between the first floor and the second floor. So, this carpet is not only for decoration, but you can also get the benefits of this carpet. In terms of placing a carpet in a minimalist room so that the room doesn’t look cramped, the first thing to look at is the ratio of the size of the carpet to the room. Do not let the carpet make a narrow room appear more crowded.

An easy guide, the carpet should not cover more than half the area of the base of the room. But don’t be too small to appear separate as an element of the room. A carpet that is too small will make the room appear unbalanced. You also need to combine the colors between the carpet with your furniture or walls so that a minimalist room can look spacious and comfortable to look at.

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