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Mastering Speaking Test

One more part of the b1 test that you need to pass, namely speaking. Broadly speaking 2 things will be asked of you in the matter of speaking, namely to express opinions on familiar topics, and the second to speak in response to the reading or listening material provided. Usually from some material that will be questioned in speaking, some of them require you to interact with people with accents that are not public. If presented in the form of listening, usually the material will be played for 15 seconds, and you have 45 seconds to convey the response, find more.

Formulating your answer in 45 seconds may be challenging, but it might be done. The trick is to use words sparingly, formulate ways to express ideas in the simplest way possible. One important thing you need to remember is not to overdo it in answering. Allocate time wisely. If time still exists, it does not mean you still have to keep talking until time runs out. This will only make your opinion widen and too many things that are not the focus of your delivery. Conversely, don’t also talk too briefly. The exposure that is too short suggests that you have not delivered all the answers needed. There is an impression that arises that you are in a hurry and feel tense. So allocate time as wisely as possible. Not too short, not too long.

Remember that organized speaking is important. Ideas must be conveyed in a structured way. Thus you have spare time of a few seconds if your exposure turns out to be longer than imagined. Using simple words and sentences not only saves time but also makes your way of speaking seem more natural and conversational. Don’t be so simple, of course. Make sure your answer answers the complete question with supporting data. How do you master this? Of course, diligently practicing.

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