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Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Do you need advice on how to clean the kitchen? Or you’re not sure what parts of the kitchen need cleaning? Although it sounds like a big job, cleaning the kitchen cannot be ignored because the kitchen is where you prepare food. So, make sure you regularly clean all areas of the cooking area, cooking utensils, and utensils for serving food or you can use the service from virginia cleaning company.

Cleaning the kitchen is not only limited to washing cooking utensils. There are some parts of the kitchen that you might not think about cleaning, such as the stove knob, microwave knob, and sink faucet. Basically, anything you touch with dirty hands—including after handling raw meat and eggs—needs to be cleaned.

1. How to clean the stove
The stove can be cleaned using any cleaning product. Even so, you are better off using a product that is specially manufactured to remove grease stains or residual grease splatters. Kitchen cleaning spray makes it easy for liquids to reach nooks and crannies. Don’t forget to always read the instructions on the packaging.

2. How to clean the kitchen table
The kitchen table has a lot of direct contact with food ingredients because that’s where you put, cut, chop the ingredients before cooking them. Therefore, you need to clean it every time you finish cooking. This will not take long. Wiping it with a clean rag is enough to clean the marks of fruits and vegetables. It’s different with meat or egg marks that may carry E. coli or salmonella. You need cleaning products that are specifically designed to kill germs, especially in the form of a spray and can be used immediately without the need for additional water. You should wear rubber gloves when cleaning and always follow the directions on the label, especially if your countertop is made of wood or marble.

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