Geneura Uncategorized Is It Important For Small And Medium Business Entrepreneurs To Have A Business Mentor?

Is It Important For Small And Medium Business Entrepreneurs To Have A Business Mentor?

Starting a business besides requiring courage, capital and facilities, there is one thing that is usually present in novice businessmen, namely mentoring. Usually, if you open a business then there will be someone who guides you to run a business at the beginning or you follow the material from the course detail that you get from the internet or seminars. He is a business mentor who will always give you advice about what you do.

Why Do You Need a Business Mentor?
Although some business people stand alone and without the guidance of others who are specialized as mentors. However, for a more efficient business step, of course, it would be nice to collaborate with other people to be mentors. Here are some of the advantages of having a business mentor when building a business:

1. Reference Source
While you may be able to work it out yourself, it’s always a good idea to ask someone else for advice. Everyone needs support when they fall. By having a business mentor you can get referrals when you have problems.

2. Avoid Falling Into the Same Mistake
The greatest benefit to having a mentor is that you can learn from their mistakes and previous successes. You don’t have to make the same mistakes when you have a mentor. A mentor will give direction to whoever he mentors not to fall for the mistakes he has made.

They don’t have to keep up with the latest trends or technology to be your mentor who may be younger. Your mentor’s role is to share with you the lessons of their experiences in the hope that you can learn them.

3. Business Network Expansion
As an experienced businessman, chances are your mentor has a wide network, and can offer you access to his network. In business, networking is very important. Therefore, not all business networks will easily accept new entrants. But with your mentor bringing you into his network, it gets easier.

4. Beneficial Long Term Relationship
Your mentor and you certainly have no ulterior motives in opening the relationship, he is not selling you anything and you are not taking material advantage of your mentor either. But as the relationship develops over time, that trust can grow stronger.

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