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Interesting Information Regarding Valentine’s Day Flowers

One of the most popular times of the year to buy and give flowers as a token of love is on Valentine’s Day. Consequently, the following information regarding valentines day flowers is sweet and unexpected, according to Today Flowers.

Introduction to the Rose
Since ancient times, roses, particularly red ones, have been connected to love. According to Greek mythology, the goddess of love Aphrodite was the one who gave birth to roses.

According to Roman mythology, red roses were born from the blood that Venus, the goddess of love, spilled while attempting to protect her beloved from harm.

A Loveful Sentence
After the Netherlands, Colombia and Ecuador are the two countries that export the most cut flowers globally. But they also make South America the continent with the greatest supply of out-of-season flowers.

By Me to You
For Valentine’s Day, almost three-quarters (73%) of males plan to purchase flowers. Most of them will be red roses, which will make up the majority of them. The fact that only 27% of women will purchase flowers for Valentine’s Day is shocking. And many of them are for a mother or daughter rather than a partner.

Privacy Messages
The kind of flower you gift to someone can convey a variety of emotions throughout history. While pink roses signify you are thinking of the other person, crimson roses represent love. The innocence of your love is symbolized by white roses.

One rose signifies that you fell in love at first sight, while twelve roses are the traditional way to communicate “I love you” throughout the year.

Blooming Bouquet
Around Valentine’s Day, individuals in Denmark customarily present each other with beautiful white snowdrops to signify their love. Additionally, a lot of individuals in this area select various flowers. Valentine’s Day presents frequently include tulips and lilies, and orchids are becoming more fashionable.

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