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Indulge In Sikuai Island Feels Like On A Private Island

Not enough to offer a global culinary sensation, Padang is now tempted by the beauty of its small island. A beautiful island called Sikuai will welcome and pamper you with its serenity. Immediately find Luxury Private Boat Rentals that fit your budget, and arrange a schedule for a vacation there.

Sikuai Island is one of the leading marine tourism objects in West Sumatra. Previously this island was a private island. Seeing the potential that exists, Sikuai Island has finally been opened to the public since 1994.

This island is a natural tropical forest that is still very shady. The tall coconut trees swayed from side to side in the sea breeze. The gentle dance of the tree seems to be waving to welcome you.

Every beach on Sikuai Island looks so enchanting with cool clear blue sea water. The stretch of white sand looks clean and sweet combined with the coastline. Various wild animals still roam quietly and enliven the naturalness of Sikuai Island.

Tranquility is a virtue on this island. All elements of nature seem to support each other to create complete calm and relaxation. The sea water on Sikuai Island is so calm and warm that the beaches on this island are indeed more suitable for relaxing. Moreover, the presence of hammocks on several trees becomes a complete resting place accompanied by the cool air and natural music from the waves, chirping birds, and the sound of leaves in the wind.

The rich marine life of Sikuai Island that is still awake makes this island one of the favorite fishing, snorkeling, and diving spots. If you’re lucky, you can meet baby turtles swimming coquettishly between the rocks while playing in the water. In addition, you can also entertain yourself in the sea on Sikuai Island through various water sports such as canoeing, banana boating, and jetskiing.

Sikuai Island is an island that offers a complete vacation package full of relaxation. An interesting spot beside the beach is Sunset Plaza, the highest hill on Sikuai Island which is the most beautiful point to watch the sunset.

This island is also one of the favorite honeymoon destinations. Island management provides special packages for couples who choose this island as their honeymoon location. In addition to a romantic candlelight dinner with exotic views of Sikuai Island, new couples can also be invited to plant a tree on this island as a symbol of eternal love. Besides being romantic, of course, this tree planting activity is one way to preserve the beauty and coolness of Sikuai Island.

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