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Ideal Alternative For You Push Rank Pro Players

The duo has no less high risk than solo. When you are in a party of two, you will be joined by a Trio (3 person party) or 3 Solo. Even though you and your friends are good at playing, you still have a risk with these 3 other players. The first step you take when playing Duo is to chat and ask if the three players are a Trio or 3 Solo. When your team has a trio, it’s better for you to allow them to fill in the midline (roam, support, and jungle) because it’s likely that they already have good chemistry than playing with you. Don’t forget to get the best account from achat compte lol so you can reach the highest level of this game.

When the rest of your team is 3 Solos, it’s better for you to take the mid-lane position (take 2 roles between roamer, support, and jungle according to your skills).

A Trio party of three is an ideal alternative when you are not a party of five. This is because you can take the mid-lane with your 2 teammates who have often played together. A strong and compact mid-lane is one of the biggest factors to win the Mobile Legends game. You can synergize well together to roam to the side-lane, take the objective turtle, push the turret, and win the team fight. While the other two players could be 2 Solo or a Duo party. That’s why you should ask them to only play in the Gold and EXP lane. But you must still prioritize the roles of each of these players. If the solo player can’t play off-lane but you can, don’t keep forcing the player to become an off-later if you don’t want them to play badly and make you mentally down too.

Too bad a party of 4 people can’t be done in Mobile Legends. Therefore, if you only have 3 new friends, you are forced to recruit 1 random player.

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