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How To Safely Remove Mold And Mildew on Carpet

Rainy weather is usually synonymous with wet and moist conditions. So, without you knowing, some corners of the exterior or interior of your home will be eaten away by the mold, especially on the carpet. Because the mold is a major enemy of the carpet because its roots will eat away the carpet fibers. If so, it will make the mold difficult to pull out. What’s more, the stains and scents released by the mold also become one of its problems. You need to use stanley steemer specials service to make sure you have a clean and dry carpet.

Since the activity of cleaning the mold will spread mold spores that can harm health, the first thing you should do is wear rubber gloves and make sure you also wear long-sleeved clothes. Because the fungal spores when inhaled or exposed to the skin will be able to create shortness of breath and allergic reactions. The second step, the activity of cleaning the carpet from mildew must be undertaken outside the home. However, if that is not possible, you can do it indoors by making sure the window to the outside is open and close the door to another room. This is done so that mold spores do not fly and spread into other rooms.

After that, dry the carpet, either with the sun outside the house or with the help of a fan inside the house. Then, sweep the mold from both sides of the carpet using a bristle brush. Also, brush the floor under the carpet, then broom or vacuum using a vacuum cleaner. Then, you can spray antifungal products for the carpet. Read the instructions for use on the product packaging label and follow your carpet care instructions. Make sure the liquid soaks into the carpet fibers on both sides so that it touches the roots of the fungus. Brush both sides of the carpet, then let it dry. Most antifungal sprays should not be rinsed. Also, spray the floor under the carpet and let it dry completely, and repeat spraying again to get better results. If available, turn on the dehumidifier or air purifier for two days after cleaning the carpet to remove any residual spores. We will help you to clean your carpet from all types of dirt that are harmful to your health. Immediately visit our website and get the best offers from us.

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