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How To Prevent Mites

Bedbugs or also known as mites and bed bugs are often invisible. But its presence can be felt when you sleep or occupy a certain place. Some of them are mattresses, pillows, chairs (couches), carpets and cause itching due to biting and sucking blood like mosquitoes. You need to clean your carpet thoroughly to protect your family from mites. However, it could be hard to clean all the surface on your own so it is better to use service. They will help you clean your carpet quickly and without a hassle.

But you also need to prevent mites to come back again. You could use salt. This spice has anti-bacterial properties and is also effective in getting rid of bed bugs. The only way to use it is to dissolve salt with water and then spray it on the area where bed bugs are usually lodged. Or if you have vinegar in your house you could also use it. This flavouring liquid can also be used to clean bed bugs or mites that are very annoying. Simply spray using used perfume spray, the bed bugs will run away by themselves. The impact of vinegar is the less pleasant odour. So you have to dry the ingredients that you spray earlier the next day. Although it can be used directly, lavender can also be processed into an oil to make it more effective in repelling bedbugs. The aroma of this flower is very disliked by mites, so it can be concluded that lavender is a simple alternative that you can use. Spray oil or place dried lavender flowers under the mattress.

Doing evaporation is perfect for those of you who have a steam iron. Because it can be directly applied to carpets mattresses, pillows, or bolsters that have bugs. Do the evaporation between the mattress or pillow evenly, and you will be free from bedbugs. Or, you could sprinkle silica gel. This material you can use to get rid of bed bugs. Sprinkle on all areas in your room, especially those that have fleas. Then the lice will stick and then will die by itself. This exterminator is quite effective and can be applied as an alternative.
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