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How To Make Exterior Paint Durable

The outer walls of the building are more easily damaged than the inside. The cause of this incident is that the outer walls are frequently exposed to sunlight and rainwater alternately. Extreme temperature changes also contribute to the condition of the wall paint that is quickly damaged. No wonder many terracotta exterior paint company services recommend using waterproofing paint for the outer walls. Waterproofing paint can protect wall paint from extreme weather conditions, sun exposure, and rainwater. It’s just that, the use of paint must be by recommendations. To keep the outer wall paint durable, here are some tips that can be applied when repainting.

Before repainting, the walls should be cleaned first. Cleaning starts from peeling off old paint. After that, make sure the walls don’t have thick stains or dust. You can flush with water to be sure. If the old walls are moldy and mossy, you can use chlorine to clean them. This aims to kill the fungus that is already living on the wall. For repainting, wait for the walls to dry completely. This aims to prevent the walls from experiencing dampness when painted. If the walls are still wet and are still painting, the alkaline content of the walls will be high. This will make the walls moist and peel off quickly. The thing that you have to pay attention to then is to buy paint according to the wall material.

Next, buy paint that is specifically for the exterior of the house. This is because the exterior paint is formulated to protect the walls from exposure to the weather outside the house. So this type of paint can protect walls better than ordinary paint. Exterior paint usually has more protection by waterproofing. You can find good and inexpensive types of waterproofing paint. Choose the right time to do the painting. It is recommended to paint the outer walls during sunny or non-rainy weather. This is so that the condition of the walls when painted is completely dry and not damp. Then the paint drying process will also be faster because it is assisted by sunlight.

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