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How to Make an Effective Ad Banner

When you run an online ad campaign, you will be faced with the challenge of how effectively your ads are campaigning. For example, do website visitors click on the ad? Or are they just ignoring it? Ad banners must have the perfect appeal to be able to perform effectively. In the meantime, you can also go to our website if you wish to have a more specific top SEO in Dublin service.

Here are some tips on creating an effective banner ad on the website.

Note the Main Banner Ad Structure
In designing an advertising banner, there is a structure that you need to look for in order to make banner advertising more effective in promoting your business.

Company logo
If a banner ad does not place your business or company logo, potential visitors will not know who you are. This can affect the reluctance of them to click on your banner. Therefore, putting up the company logo in the banner ad design is very important. The company logo can build trust and brand awareness. Note also the proportion of the placement and size of the logo, should be easily visible and legible as your logo or business identity.

To be effective, the messages in the ad banner should be short, solid, and clear. The messages here are the goals you want to convey, whether you want to introduce new products, special discounts, event promotions, and more. In addition, you are also advised to use copywriting with a sense of urgency.

Picture Support
Use interesting images or illustrations that match your product/service. it’s so that banners are able to convey messages more effectively than text. Also, make sure the image you use will have a good resolution. This will add a professional impression to your business. For images with better results, you can use photography services or use a graphic designer to create illustrations.

CTA (Call to Action)
CTA is a goal that you want to achieve, such as a solicitation for website visitors to act on. The form of invitation can be various, such as contacting, buying, viewing products, and so forth. CTA can be either buttons or text only. To be more effective, CTA should appear more prominent in terms of shape, typography, or color. This can make your call more easily captured by visitors.

Proper color utilization is very important to create an effective advertising banner. Do not let the origin choose a color on the CTA button, background, and text.

Effective color combinations can increase the attractiveness of visitors to click on the banner ads.

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