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How to Maintain a Crossbow and Care for Your Weapon

Even though best hunting crossbows have been around for thousands of years, they are still complex machinery with moving components that need their owners to treat them with care and respect. Maintaining your crossbow properly will not only keep it working properly for many more hunting seasons than it otherwise would, but it will also increase the speed and accuracy of the bolts, extending your effective range and raising your chances of success.

The following are the most crucial crossbow maintenance procedures, both before and after storing it in the offseason and when routinely using it.

1. Inspect Your String and Cables

Your crossbow’s cables and strings are intricate devices that, even if they are just slightly out of tune, can have a significant impact on how well you shot. Each time you use them, you should check them. Whether you are using a cheap Barnett crossbow or an extremely costly Ravin crossbow, you should always make sure the cables are lubricated and in good condition. To put it another way, they must not be snagged, twisted, or frayed. They ought to slide into the cams’ grooves without resistance.

2. Clean Your Crossbow To Remove Dirt and Grit

Cleaning your crossbow frequently is important since even a small amount of dirt or grime can make it shoot incorrectly. Along with washing off the main surfaces, you can clean the crossbow’s grooves and small crevices by using a bottle of compressed air, just like you would clean your laptop keyboard. Do this throughout the hunting season after each usage.

3. Clean Your Crossbow Scope

You should frequently clean your crossbow scope to ensure maximum accuracy, especially before putting it away for the off-season and following use in unclean, challenging conditions. Make a mild solution of water and a few drops of dish soap to do this. To get rid of as many dust particles as you can, first, dip a cotton swab in the solution before dabbing it on the lens on the inside and outside. To avoid scratching the lens, it is vital to dab rather than wipe off dust and dirt. Once you’ve gotten rid of as much dust and debris as you can, wipe the lens with another cotton swab dipped in clean water.

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