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How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat Forever

Visceral fat is a type of fat that causes inflammation in the body, which was also associated with heart disease. An active lifestyle and a healthy diet such as sam hansen weight loss can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Because visceral fat causes various inflammatory processes in the body, then this fat is also associated with the occurrence of cancer, especially colon cancer. Visceral fat contains an immune cell, the micro fan, which produces a hormone, the cytokine hormone, which can cause cancer. This hormone can increase oxidative stress and free radical production and can disrupt insulin function. High insulin levels can also cause cancer.

Enlargement of your stomach may not be caused by fat but by air trapped in your digestive tract. When someone does not consume enough fiber, which is about 25-30 grams every day, constipation will make your stomach become bloated and enlarged. However, consuming too much fiber or consuming lots of foods that produce gas such as broccoli, apples, or nuts can also make your stomach grow a little. Blueberries are one type of food that has been proven to help eliminate belly fat. You can consume it directly or process it into your favorite drink or food.

Various studies including cardio exercises have been proven to help eliminate belly fat. If you currently only do moderate-intensity cardio, then add 10-60 seconds of heavy intensity cardio.

Doing sit-ups can help tighten your stomach muscles, but only your stomach muscles. Therefore, vary your exercise with the help of a ball or tool. Use various types of tools when you exercise weight lifting and not just one type of tool.

Some things you can do to prevent the formation of visceral fat are:

Lose weight in a healthy way
Reduce stress by doing meditation and breathing exercises
Consume lots of water to remove salt from your body’s tissues to reduce flatulence and make your body feel lighter.

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