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How To Choose Men’s Watch

One of the fashion items that must be owned by men is a watch. Apart from its function, this accessory can also support your appearance. By wearing mens watch, you can imply your character and social status. How to choose a men’s watch also needs special consideration. The many brands, types, and models, often confuse boys. Especially now that watches have begun to emerge that have interesting features. Tips on choosing a men’s watch you should apply if you want to get a model that matches the shape of the wrist. It seems trivial, even though the watch that was purchased turned out to be too big or not matching the shape of the wrist, it would look strange when worn. As your guide, practice the following tips before buying a watch.

1. Make sure you already know the size of your wrist before buying a watch. Use a measuring tape wrapped around the arm.
– Wrist sizes between 14 to 16 cm go into the thin category.
– Wrist sizes ranging from 16 to 17 cm are categorized as slim wrists.
– Wrist sizes ranging from 17 to 18 cm are classified as moderate wrists.

2. Tips on choosing a suitable men’s watch can be done if you already know the size of the wrist. The size of the wrist can determine which model case is right for you. Case or commonly referred to as a watch’s case is a form of a watch that contains the engine, numbers, and needles in it. Well, so that the diameter of the case is not too small or too small, try to check the guidelines.

3. Also, adjust the thickness of the case so you can get a proportional watch. How to choose a men’s watch is rather complicated, because, in addition to the diameter of the case, you also have to pay attention to the thickness of the case. Owners of thin wrists must wear cases that are thick enough so that the hands look fuller. Well, if your wrist is thick, wear a rather thin case.

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