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How to Breed Chickens

Breeding chickens is a great way to create sustainable farm animals and needs to be learned by every farm animal and chicken lover. The hatching period is relatively short, so you can learn a lot by paying attention to the details of the process. Follow the instructions below to start the chicken breeding process independently. See our article below.

Start the breeding process in the summer. Although breeding can be done at any time, chicks born in summer tend to be stronger than during the rainy season. Chickens will start laying eggs when they are 18-19 weeks old. You don’t have to do anything to breed chickens. Just put the rooster in the midst of the hen and let nature do the work. Make sure your male and female are getting quality food. Thus, the reproductive system will work as optimally as possible.

If you are breeding second or third-generation chickens, be aware of inbreeding issues. Try marking the chickens to make it easier for you to identify the offspring of the rooster. You can put the roosters in a separate place and put them together with the hen when they are going to be bred. Also, consider using a new rooster every year.

Between hatching eggs in an incubator or letting the hen incubate the eggs, immediately make your choice. If you want the hen to incubate her eggs, you will lose 3 months of egg production (21 days to incubate and 2 months to nurse her chicks until they are ready to lay eggs again). You should also prepare the hen that will roost incubate during the hatching period. Most breeders try to prevent hens from incubating their eggs for reasons of productivity in laying eggs. Some types of chickens that really like to incubate eggs for example cotton chicken, jersey giant, new Hampshire red, Sussex, and others.

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