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How do you clean a carpet with steam?

How does Carpet Care Specialists clean carpet? We understand that this is one of the most frequently asked questions, so let’s walk through the entire process from beginning to end. Please bear with us because, while some parts may be a little technical, we’ve done our best to make the steam cleaning process as simple as possible for everyone.

1. Conduct a risk assessment

As soon as our cleaners enter your workplace, they conduct a risk assessment and become acquainted with the surroundings. This can include locating all of the building’s exits, fire extinguishers, power supply, water supply, bathrooms, and so on. In other words, they’re doing all of the necessary behind-the-scenes work to get them ready for the job. You may also wonder why the cleaners need to become acquainted with the site. Are they members of a different team than my regular cleaners?

The quick answer is yes. The team members we use to steam clean your carpets are specially trained to do so, making them distinct from regular cleaners. If you have ever requested a spot clean from your cleaners, you may have noticed that the job was not done well, that some damage was done to the carpet, or that the request was simply ignored.

2. Set up the machinery

You simply cannot complete a task without the necessary equipment.

You must get everything ready to go. The hot water extractor and the pre-spray unit must be prepared first. Fill the carpet machine with water (side note: our tank holds 80 liters) and fill the pre-sprayer with the pre-spray chemical, diluting it as needed. Chemical usage – Getting the correct dilution rate of chemicals mixed in the machine can be challenging. And, as you will see later, the last thing you want is chemical residue on the carpet.

3. Vacuum the carpet first.

Our cleaners must pre-vacuum the carpet before beginning the hot water extraction process to ensure that any surface dirt is removed. While doing so, they pick up any visible trash from the floors, such as paper clips, pens, paper, cardboard, and so on – anything that could get in the way of the job.

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