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Here are Tips for Caring for Vapes to Last for a Long Time

Vape is a term for a vapor which is an electric cigarette or digital cigarette. Smoking vaping can also produce smoke, just like tobacco cigarettes. The smoke produced from the two is different and it has different contents. The smoke produced by vaping comes from a liquid that is heated until it turns into smoke, then the smoke is inhaled as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes. Many people think that vaping is healthier than tobacco cigarettes. The liquid for vaping cigarettes is usually called liquid. The liquid is a special liquid that contains glycerin or glycol. The liquid in vaping also contains nicotine, the same as the content in tobacco cigarettes, this substance is useful for giving a taste to vape smoke. Aside from that, you can always visit to find more information about vape.

Well, this time we will explain several ways to take care of your vape so that it doesn’t break or explode.

Use original battery and charger

Because using the original tool usually already has a cut feature that can protect it in the event of a short circuit. If you use a KW battery (fake) and a KW charger, it will damage the vape and endanger the user.

Battery power cannot be empty

If the vape battery is empty it can shorten battery life or not last long. We recommend that if the battery is at 10-20% condition, immediately charge your battery!

Use an external charger

We recommend that you use an external charger because it can keep your mode durable.

Don’t charge for so long

If you charge too long, it will make the vape battery leak and damage quickly. The best thing to do is to immediately take the vape after it is full.

Use the right settings

When you replace the coil, you have to consider the voltage and ohms of the battery. You will have to adjust the ohms made to your battery life as well as the mod. If the ohm value is small or does not match the battery and mod, it will make your vape hotter and the battery will run out.

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