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Here Are Some Pros And Cons About Meat Analogue

Along with the development of a healthy lifestyle, there are more varied choices. For those of us who decide to be vegan, the strict rule not to use animal-based products is a limitation on our food choices. No wonder if we feel bored eating that’s all. You can still eat meat! The latest technology creates meat products that are sourced from vegetable ingredients.
However, before trying, let’s know the pros and cons of meat analogue! Aside from that, you might also visit if you want to buy high-quality meat analogue.

What ingredients are used to substitute meat?

Many different ingredients are used to substitute meat. Among them are mushrooms, legumes, tempeh, sweet potato flour, tofu to rice. Then, add flavorings so that they taste similar to chicken, beef, lamb, or seafood.

Mushrooms are one of the most popular substitutes for meat. This is because they have a meaty texture and a savory taste. Also, mushrooms contain the mineral selenium, an antioxidant that can play a role in reducing the risk of chronic disease.

meat analogue began to be sold commercially

From a high market demand, meat analogue has finally become popular. So many companies try their best in order to fill the high demand of meat by vegans, but of course, without the high cost of providing real animal meat for them. Some companies even use synthetic compounds that have been modified from yeast. Meanwhile, to imitate meat fat, they use coconut oil mixed with wheat and potato protein.

It’s perfect for vegan, but it’s not healthier than ordinary meat

Even though it is made from vegetable ingredients, it doesn’t make meat analogue healthier than real meat. This was stated by Desiree Nielsen, a dietitian from Vancouver, Canada on the Global News page.

She stated that meat analogue contains so much Cholesterol, minerals, and also unsaturated fats. However, meat analogue is higher in salt and processed ingredients as a substitute for natural ingredients.

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