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Here Are 8 Tips For Staying Safe Watching Movies In The Cinema During A Pandemic

The implementation of social distancing can slightly loosen people who want to do activities outside the home as long as they comply with health protocols. Watching a movie can be an alternative option to refresh your mind a little. Choosing to stream movies on top free movie streaming sites 123 movies can also be an alternative to avoid crowds outside the home but still be able to enjoy movies.

However, several rules must be obeyed so that theaters do not become a new cluster for the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Here are some rules to be aware of:

1. Use a mask
Wearing a mask is something that must be used anywhere, including when in theaters. This method is effective in minimizing the spread of viruses caused by droplets. Avoid removing masks while in the studio.

2. Not talking in the studio
Try not to make a sound while in the theater. According to Hitoshi Oshitani, a virologist from Tohoku University, most of the new clusters appear in gyms, pubs, karaoke places, cafes, and other locations where many people gather, sing, touch, and so on. Therefore, try not to talk while in the cinema studio so that there are no droplet splashes that cause Covid-19 transmission.

3. Use Digital Payments
With the number of digital payments or e-Wallets that offer convenience in transactions, theaters have set a rule that they will only accept digital payments. These regulations are to minimize physical touch between visitors and employees.

4. Keep away from crowds
The cinema is where most people gather. For that, always try to avoid the crowd. It’s better if you pull over while waiting for the queue to subside rather than jostling with other spectators.

The cinema has also imposed a limit on the number of viewers in each studio. This was done because of the one-seat pause rule. Thus, the number of spectators will not be 100 percent of the auditorium capacity.

5. Keep a distance from other spectators
Always try to keep your distance while in the studio. Better to avoid busy hours, choose quiet hours, and as much as possible do not go into a full studio. You will enjoy watching your favorite movie more.

The cinema has also implemented social distancing between viewers by imposing social distance seating. Namely, visitors will be given one seat in the studio.

6. Don’t eat in the studio
It is better not to eat in the studio. Hands that are dirty and full of bacteria can be the cause the Covid-19 virus to spread without us knowing it. It is better if you eat and are full before watching the film.

7. Bring hand sanitizer
Always carry hand sanitizer wherever you go. Even though the cinema prepared a hand sanitizer and a hand washing place. But there is nothing wrong if we bring a hand sanitizer to make it more hygienic.

8. Wear closed clothes and bring a jacket
Wear closed clothes while watching movies. This is to prevent the virus from sticking directly to the body. Also, bring a jacket too to avoid the cold air from the air conditioner that always blows during the film. Because some people who are allergic to air-conditioned rooms can cause sneezing, which makes other viewers uncomfortable.

Don’t forget to always adopt this new habit and enjoy your favorite movie.

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