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Getting Your Baby’s Car Seat and Harness Tight

Even a parent who hasn’t had enough sleep should have no trouble installing a car seat because it’s one of the most important pieces of safety equipment you’ll ever use. Unfortunately, a lot of parents fail to see the harmful errors they’re committing. You must accurately predict when your child outgrows his seat, get a replacement that fits him properly, position the straps correctly, and perform a number of other tasks. Besides, read more in the post — best booster seat for 3-4-year-old.

Your vehicle’s car seat is too slack
Grab the safety seat at the base with both hands; when you pull at the belt path, you shouldn’t be able to move it more than an inch either front or back. It’s not tightly enough if you can. The most common error parents commit is this, say, car-seat inspectors.

In the event of a collision, a kid in an unfastened seat risked colliding with the back of the front seat and suffering severe head or face injuries.

Read the car seat’s installation instructions as well as the chapter on installing car seats in your owner’s handbook. Place your knee in the seat and put all of your weight there if you decide to use a seat belt to install your car seat. The next step, which many parents overlook, is to lock the seatbelt.

Your child’s harness is too slack
The harness is too slack if, after securing your child in the car seat, you can still squeeze the material of the straps between your fingers.

In a collision, a child who is not properly buckled into his seatbelt may simply exit it. If the kid runs into the interior of the car or another passenger, he could suffer serious injuries.

The straps should be tight and without any slack as you tighten the harness.

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