Geneura Uncategorized Get To Know The Types Of Coffee Grinders And Their Respective Functions

Get To Know The Types Of Coffee Grinders And Their Respective Functions

Drinking coffee is a routine that most people cannot abandon. For true coffee lovers, they will look for the best quality coffee. Well, to produce the best coffee, several factors influence it. One of them is the coffee Grinder used. In general, a coffee grinder is a tool or machine for grinding or grinding coffee to a certain level. Then, how to make blended coffee produce maximum aroma and taste?

The first type of coffee grinder to know is the manual type. This type of grinder is usually used for people who like the distinctive and traditional aroma of coffee. If usually in the traditional way the coffee is ground until smooth, by using a manual grinder you can produce coffee with a distinctive taste easily and it doesn’t take a lot of energy when compared to pounding. Even so, manual grinders take a little longer. A manual coffee grinder has a function to make the coffee smoother. Not only that, but you can also feel the freshness of the coffee during the grinding process. However, keep in mind that this manual grinder cannot be used for too much coffee.

The second is a more modern grinder, which uses electricity. As the name suggests, this type of electric coffee grinder processes coffee beans by utilizing electrical energy so that it is easier and more practical. You can also serve a large amount of coffee if you use an electric grinder. The downside of an electric coffee grinder is that it’s quite large. So, you also need more space to put and use it. The function and advantage of an electric grinder are that it can grind in a short time. However, you also need to pay attention to the amount of coffee that is ground so that it is not too much and can damage the grinder.

Another coffee grinder to know about is the burr grinder. The way it works is almost the same as a manual grinder. However, many coffee lovers consider the manual method to take a long time. That’s why they started to innovate by creating a manual flavored grinder in a fast way. By using an electric motor, grinding becomes more practical because it uses two toothed grinding plates. The function of the tool is to grind the coffee and can extract the oil in the coffee beans. The taste of the coffee produced from this grinding machine will be more stable.

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