Geneura Uncategorized Flat Speaker or Studio Monitor Speaker: What to Know?

Flat Speaker or Studio Monitor Speaker: What to Know?

Flat speakers are a term that you will hear in the recording world. So, if you want to build a music studio, one of the things that you need to have is the flat speakers. You will be able to find so many flat speakers on the internet. For example, you can see some of the component speaker & its variation on our website.

Namely, the monitor speakers are a kind of speaker which is always in front of the recording operator during the recording process, especially the audio mixing process. Flat speakers can also be called as studio monitoring speakers. Sound engineering or reliable shelf operators that still have to use flat speakers to perform audio mixing process in the recording studio for maximum results.

Flat quality speakers are not specified by the brand. It is because each sound engineering has different responses on each of the flat speaker brands. So, the quality of the speaker is also not determined by the price. However, why is the speaker called as flat?

The word flat comes from the English language which means flat. Speaking of flat speakers, we must know about the support circuit contained in the box where the speaker is located. Flat in this case is defined as pure or no addition of audio effect circuit in the audio module contained in the box. which includes audio effects are, treble, bass, middle, delay, echo even different types of modulation effect. they should not be in flat speakers.

Allow only volume and balance. because volume and balance are not included in the audio effect. So, the conclusion is that the sound that comes from flat speakers or studio monitoring speakers is the sound or audio that comes from pure computer engineering. because the sound recording everything is stored in the computer hard disk the engineering.

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