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Famous Magicians From Several Ages

Almost everyone enjoys and enjoys every magic show they see, whether at a circus, birthday celebration, or television show. You can also find kids magician around your area because now magic has become an interest for children.

Here are some of the top magicians from time to time.

XVIII century
The history of playing magic tricks as a form of entertainment may have started more than three centuries ago by the magician Chevalier Joseph Pinetti. In 1782, Chevalier Joseph Pinetti wowed his fans around the world with a bag for his magic tricks.

Among his magic tricks, what was quite amazing at that time was his ability to produce orange trees that bloom and bear fruit on stage. His wife even acts as an assistant helping him perform mental tricks and escape.

Pinetti is known as the “Professor of Natural Magic” for his great magic tricks in the modern era of magic.

XIX century
In the nineteenth century, magic was assisted by technical matters. Some magicians develop various devices that can help their illusions. Optical aids, electromagnetic devices, as well as various forms of stage lighting techniques.

Many magicians use it for their tricks that are so intricate and dazzling that they can amaze their audience time after time.

One of the most famous magicians of this century was the magician Hermann the Great. Alexander Herrmann is his real name. This German magician performs his tricks with all kinds of stage magic that he is familiar with. Herrmann was so famous that his American competitor, Harry Kellar, took over his popularity for some time and became the most prominent magician for more than 10 years.

Modern Age
One of the more well-known magicians these days is Harry Houdini. He is known as one of America’s best magicians for his incredible escape action magic tricks and his famous creation, the “Chinese Water Torture Cell.” Another well-known American magician is David Copperfield, who until recently performed many amazing magic acts. quite sensational in TV shows and programs.

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