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Efforts Taken To Eradicate Corruption

The Petrobras scandal is considered the worst corruption that involves many influential people in politics and business, including two presidents of the country. The case that started as a small investigation of money laundering became a world sensation after the truth of how corrupted the government exposed to the public. With 18 companies involved in the case, 9 of them is engineering and construction company. The biggest company that is not only famous in Brazil but also the world, Odebrecht lose their credibility after the leader that also the grandson of the founder along with many executives sentenced to prison. Camargo Correa is also a big construction company famous in the country and has to struggle because hallack, the chairman, decided to step down as the leader. Construtora OAS, IESA, UTC and Mendes Junior are only a few companies involved in the case. It is important to understand how construction and state-owned enterprise are the most problematic area in terms of corruption and how Brazil try to come back from the situation.

In the last decade, we have heard various steps taken to eradicate corruption throughout the world. International conventions alternately launch special movements and instruments for this purpose. Experts and academics write journals and research to try to understand and provide solutions to complex corruption eradication problems. In terms of legislation, several countries adopted anti-bribery laws. America has enacted the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) to prohibit American people and companies from giving bribes to the authorities of other countries for their business needs. Exploring corruption is no longer limited by the state, and occurs in all sectors – public and private, involving unscrupulous entrepreneurs and authorities together.

Viewed from the perspective of the theory of human development, the success of the development is assessed through at least four elements that are increased productivity, equal opportunity, sustainable development, and human empowerment. Various studies show that there are many irregularities in achieving the four success measures of development, and one of the means of correction is the eradication of corruption. The world believes that corruption efforts cannot only be carried out with repressive measures but must go through a three-way approach: (1) investigation and handling of corrupt acts; (2) improving the system to prevent future corruption; and (3) public education and community empowerment programs.

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