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DUI As A Factor In An Accident

Traffic accidents caused by drunk driving are a serious problem. According to data from the police, every hour there are 3 people die from traffic accidents related to DUI. DUI is a serious matter so you need to get Tampa DUI Lawyers Near Me to resolve the case. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is reported that there were 7,565 vehicle accident cases during 2020 with 1,565 seriously injured and 559 people dying. So, what are the main causes of traffic accidents other than DUI?

The human error factor, also known as human error, is the main factor causing traffic accidents. 61 percent of accidents are caused by this factor. The human factor, which is related to the ability and character of the driver, turns out to be an influential factor in road safety. This means the error factor of the car driver includes:

Drowsiness, unfocused, or tiredness;
Not fluent or even able to drive;
Error reacting while driving, either panicking or reacting too slowly;
Driving under the influence of drugs, narcotics, or alcohol;
Driving while looking at the device, either a mobile phone or tablet.

Therefore, the most important thing is to prioritize the full concentration of the driver before driving.

There are still many poor road conditions. Among other things, 4 road conditions can cause traffic accidents:

– Lack of lighting: Especially at night, the lack of street lighting makes driving visibility smaller. As a result, they can only rely on vehicle lights that are about 1.5 meters away. This means that the driver can only go at a maximum speed of 75 km/hour. In addition, dark conditions can also make the driver more sleepy.

– Potholes: One of the reasons drivers have to brake suddenly, which can then lead to traffic accidents.

– Absence of traffic signs: The presence of traffic signs can make drivers more concentrated and alert when there are downhill roads, bumpy roads, or road bends.

– Sharp turns: Especially on toll roads, where the vehicle is speeding, sharp turns can be one of the causes of traffic accidents.

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