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Driving Simulator Application

We often hear the words driving simulator, the main purpose of a driving simulator is to study driving behavior whether it’s driving 2 wheels or 4 wheels. This includes the interaction of the driver with the simulated car, the interaction of the driver with the system in the vehicle, or the interaction between the vehicle drive system and the road and traffic. The driving simulator is also useful for car manufacturers around the world.

One application of human-machine interaction is a driving simulator application for the development of human-machine interfaces on vehicles. This application is motivated by the many failures of the simulator operation. The next improvements made are improvements to the protection system, system architecture improvements, and harmonization of functional elements.

Current HMI development includes such things as usability, an acceptable level of attentional demand in dual-duty conditions, and driver comfort. The requirements of a driving simulator include the features of the simulator and its components. In a driving simulator, there are components including cab, sensing system control, visual image generator, real-time control, motion system, and data acquisition.

In general, driving simulator research can help bridge the gap in development and prove ground tests. The advantages of a driving simulator in supporting the R&D and evaluation of HMI can be summarized as follows, namely providing for:

Vehicle or device configuration evaluation range
Evaluation condition control
Condition repetition for each driver
Ease of changing in-vehicle driving tasks or device parameters
Ease of driver or vehicle response and performance measurement
The establishment of hardware-in-the-loop (e.g. prototype devices) as an alternative to device simulation
Experimental efficiency and ease of achieving trial evaluation
Minimal risk for drivers and project staff.

In general, the purpose of a driving simulator is to study driver behavior. This includes the interaction of drivers with simulated vehicles or interactions between drivers and roads and traffic.

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