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Don’t Check Work Emails At 4 This Time

An email has become an important part for today’s workers, especially checking email can be via smartphones, such as checking email verification email identity verification. Like a double-edged sword, communication tools such as email have advantages and disadvantages. Users who continually check emails can harm themselves, ranging from productivity and health.

A study says some times are bad times to check email, this is because it can disrupt our day and our mood so we can not refocus on what we are doing. Then, when else should you not use the time to check work email? Here are the reviews:

1. When Just Arriving at the Office

Checking work email in the morning is precisely the worst time to do it. It was seen as disrupting the day’s schedule. Opening an e-mail in the morning instead of making work gets done quickly, but morning productivity is wasteful due to busy checking e-mail.

2. When You’re Lazy

Do not get suddenly busy checking email when you’re lazy. Especially if there is another urgent task. Taking care of email is even used as an excuse to delay work.

3. Before Sleeping

If you want your heart to increase before going to sleep, then try checking your work email before turning off the lights. Opening e-mails are detrimental to the health of the body and mind. Being busy by e-mail before going to bed makes the mind wake up when it’s time to rest. The blue light that comes from equipment also interferes with the quality of one’s sleep.

4. When With a Loved One

Spending time with family and friends outside the office is a good remedy for taking a break from the daily grind. Checking emails when with loved ones makes them feel neglected, even though they will be the most loyal by your side in all situations.

Now, that is some time that should be avoided to check email even though it’s just email verification. This can be done so that we can still focus on the work or what we are doing. You don’t want the mood to mess after checking your email?

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