Geneura Uncategorized Doing A Military Diet for Vegetarians and Their Shortcomings

Doing A Military Diet for Vegetarians and Their Shortcomings

The military diet menu that you already know clearly shows that you can replace any menu that you don’t like, as long as you still limit your daily calorie intake. There is even a list and substitute guide that is quite detailed for vegetarians or vegans available on the official website as the substitutes for the military diet. Here you can read examples of detailed details about low-calorie intake for you to live every day.

You are encouraged to focus on the calories in the food you are replacing, not the size of the portion. Make sure whatever food you consume has the same amount of calories as what you eliminate. For example, 4 ounces of cottage cheese have 100 calories. You can replace it with 1 ounce of cheddar cheese to get the same 100 calories. If you want to replace tuna with almonds, you cannot use the same measurement for almonds as tuna, because almonds have much more calories than tuna. For the measurement, one can of tuna is the same as 20 almonds.

Some shortcomings and risks of conducting a military diet

On the other hand, research on a strict diet shows that you can end up with excessive eating habits on your ‘holiday’ days. The people who apply a strict diet tend to drink too much and party to compensate for their suffering for the three days they diet which again can hamper weight loss efforts.

The majority of rapid weight loss at the beginning of the possibility that drops is water content. The water content will decrease quickly when the body’s glycogen deposits decrease, this is what happens when you limit carbohydrates and calories. As soon as you start to increase calories to normal levels again, most of the weight of this water will rise again.

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