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Do You Know These Negative Impacts Of Obesity?

Besides being not good for appearance, a body that is too fat is also at risk of inviting various dangerous diseases. Don’t underestimate the weight problem. Aside from looking attractive, ideal body weight is also necessary for health. Therefore, we need to maintain body weight so as not to be too fat. That’s why we recommend you to exercise regularly and also consume Phen Q.

Obesity or being overweight is a condition that is usually the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. This condition is dangerous and hurts health because obesity can lead to serious diseases, such as heart disease or diabetes. The negative effects of obesity include:

Difficulty breathing

What is experienced by obese people is that it is difficult to breathe and their breath tends to be short. Caused by the accumulation of fat in the chest and neck area, so that you have difficulty breathing either to inhale or exhale air.

Joint and Foot Muscle Pain

People who are overweight often experience pain in the joints and muscles of the legs. Continuous knee pain can damage posture. All of these things happen because of being overweight which adds to the weight or stress on the knees and ankles.

Stomach Acid Rises

Being overweight can trigger stomach acid to rise into the esophagus. If this happens, the person will feel a burning sensation, pain, and pressure around the chest and neck. The cause is the fat that presses the acidic area of the stomach up.


Obesity can also trigger depression. People who feel that they are fat or overweight tend to get stressed more easily because feelings of inferiority are one of the factors driving people to become stressed more easily.


Patients will experience sleep disorders that are identical to snoring. This is because the fatty tissue in the neck presses on the upper airway, especially when lying down, which puts people at risk for snoring.

Obesity and snoring are not just about fat in the neck. Central obesity, where fat is found around the abdomen and chest, can also exacerbate snoring, which causes sleep apnea. This condition can cause a person to snore very tightly and stop breathing briefly while sleeping. This increases the risks of heart disease and stroke.

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