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Do You Know These Benefits Of Peace Lily?

The peace lily is one of the ornamental flowers, both indoors and outdoors. However, did you know that the flower is not a true lily? The peace lily is not a member of Lilium spp. but rather the Araceae family. This flower named scientifically Spathiphyllum wallisii has a charming white color. Besides the beautiful color, there are other benefits that make peace lily worth planting around the house. We also recommend you to read tips for peace lily care so you can take care of your peace lily properly.

Do you want to know other benefits? Please read the information in this article:

Reducing mold spores in the air

Mold spores can be carried by air, then develop in damp places. Meanwhile, for those of you who are allergic or sensitive to spores, can experience irritation to the eyes and skin. Other effects, you can experience respiratory problems.

Reported by the Balcony Garden Web page, peace lily flowers can reduce spores in the air by absorbing them. So, you can put it in damp places.

Reducing the development of mold in the bathroom

Besides being able to reduce spores in the air, the peace lily can also reduce the humidity of the air by absorbing it. This flower can live in a place that has high humidity.

The bathroom and sink are among the most humid places in the house. You can put the flower in it. In addition to beautifying the decorations, you also don’t need to worry about moldy walls or bathroom curtains.

Absorbing acetone vapor

The air in the room is not necessarily free of pollutants, even the products you use can emit dangerous steam, you know. Paints, varnishes, nail polish removers, and rubbing alcohols contain acetone and alcohol whose vapors can be harmful to health.

The vapor can be carried by air and if you are overexposed. You can also experience headaches with low blood pressure.

Reported by the Gift a Love page, peace lily flowers can absorb these gases and control them in the room. So, you can put the flower in a small pot in some corner of the room.

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