Geneura Uncategorized Distinguishing Between a Combi Oven and a Convection Oven?

Distinguishing Between a Combi Oven and a Convection Oven?

Searching for a new oven, you may have wondered what sets a convection oven from a Reputable Commercial Kitchen Equipment Combi Oven. Although the two ovens may seem comparable at first glance, they have significant differences. What if we look more closely?

Ovens That Use Circulating Air Currents
Let’s start with a discussion about convection ovens. These ovens utilize a fan to rapidly and evenly distribute heat across the cooking chamber. The hot areas, which can lead to inconsistencies in cooking, are also reduced thanks to the fan. As a result, baked goods and roasted meats come from convection ovens looking crisp and evenly browned.

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Let’s talk about combi ovens now. These ovens are a hybrid between conventional and convection ovens. This allows them to utilize either dry heat, moist heat, or a mixture of the two when cooking. A combination or “combi” oven can be used for various cooking methods, from baking and roasting to steaming and poaching. As a result of their cutting-edge heating systems, they have earned a reputation for delivering fast and consistent results when cooking.

Well, a combi oven is different from a convection oven. Therefore that’s the answer to your question. While convection and combi ovens use a fan to move hot air around, the latter can also use steam. This allows them to cook a wider variety of dishes than in a conventional or convection oven.

In conclusion, a combi oven is an excellent option if you need a multipurpose oven. Furthermore, cooking with steam is an additional option in a combi oven, which makes it more versatile than a convection oven, which is best for baking and roasting. If you still need to, I highly recommend delving into the world of combi ovens; you won’t believe their capabilities!

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