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Different Experience With Audio Video Systems

The existence of a meeting room is very important because of its function as a meeting place together. In the future, due to the pandemic, it is predicted that people will get used to holding meetings remotely. So, who needs a meeting room? Of course, companies, military agencies, hotels, convention centers, and so on. How can a meeting room accommodate properly without any disturbance? What can we use and play an important role in designing a meeting room? How are the acoustics? How do we integrate with existing systems? These questions need to be considered. The most important thing is how to make the customer well accommodated, and get a different experience with an audio video solution.

Fundamentally, audio is a system that amplifies the sound source so that it can be heard properly. So if we install a sound system, and it turns out that it can’t be heard or can’t function properly, it means that something is wrong. We hope things like this don’t happen in a meeting room or an audio system or sound system because we need high detail.

The sound source can be natural or electronic. If the sound source comes from a natural source, then we need a microphone to capture these sounds. With electric sound sources, such as laptops or CDs, or electric instruments, we usually use cables to take input from the equipment. Microphones are usually divided into two, from wireless and wire functions, then capsule technology or tools to capture sound are also divided into two, namely dynamic and condenser. Dynamic does not require electricity, while the condenser requires electricity. Along with the times, all-in microphones or Bluetooth microphone products with built-in speakers have emerged, then wireless microphones based on wi-fi or data such as microphone conference systems which use wi-fi.

In a meeting room, we need a mixer. If we approach analog or conventional, a meeting room can use a mixer. This mixer can be divided into analog and digital. The difference is, in analog mixers all the features are displayed, while in digital there are many features that we must activate or press the button first. However, the advantage of digital is that it is so full of features that it can support better sound in the result.

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