Geneura Uncategorized Development Of Barcode Technology And Its Benefits

Development Of Barcode Technology And Its Benefits

Barcodes have now become a global language in business standardization so there will be no problems if two companies have the same product at different prices. The barcode consists of prefix numbers that identify company names and final numbers (suffixes) whose length varies depending on the standards set by the European Article Number Association (EANA), except for the United States (the US and Canada). The use of barcode systems is increasingly widespread over time. even electronics companies don’t miss using it to make it easier to explain raw material and products that have already been sold. The barcode is usually printed by a special printer called a label printer. By using zebra label printer, the sellers will be more practical because the templates provided are very helpful.

Benefits of Barcodes
There are several benefits that can be taken from the use of barcodes, including:

1. Accuracy
Improve accuracy by reducing human errors from manually entering data or items that are misread or mislabeled.

2. Ease of use
Barcodes are easy to use. With the right hardware and software can maximize the process of automating data collection. Of course, it’s easier to make an accurate inventory with a barcode system compared to the manual method.

3. Uniformity of data collection
A variety of standardized barcode fulfillment and symbology standards guarantee that information is received and delivered in the right way so that it can be accepted and understood in general.

4. Timely feedback
Barcodes offer timely feedback. Once it appears, data can be received quickly so it is possible to make quick decisions based on the latest information.

5. Security
In retail businesses such as supermarkets, many naughty buyers exchange product price tags for cheaper price tags. The same mistakes can occur when sticking to the label and when the cashier counts the total expenditure. By using a barcode, this possibility can be suppressed.

6. Increase productivity
Barcodes make operational activities in business shorter.

7. Increase in profit
Increasing the efficiency provided by the barcode allows companies to save costs so that business profits increase.

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