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Dental Treatment Is Important For Children

Dental treatment is important, especially for children. Basically how to deal with cavities in children depends on their age and severity. If there are new yellow or brownish spots appear on the teeth, then brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day is the best solution. Toothpaste can be used in children aged 3 years. However, use only a little, about the size of corn kernels. If the child is over 3 years old, you can add a dose of toothpaste to the size of peas. Teach the child to rinse and drain the water after brushing teeth. Also, tell the child that toothpaste is not food, so they should not swallow it. Generally, children can be taught to rinse when they are 2 years old. Meanwhile, if the child has often complained of toothache that disrupts daily activities, this means that the tooth decay experienced by the child is advanced. If you have this, the child should immediately be taken to a family dentist as you could visit at

Family dentists generally have rooms and equipment that are specially designed with cheerful colors, so they can appeal to him. This certainly makes the child feel comfortable to do a dental examination.

Care and treatment by doctors will be adjusted to the psychological and dental conditions of children. The dentist may empty the damaged part and patch or remove it. Every parent wants their children to enjoy strong and healthy teeth. Unfortunately, children are more prone to cavities because the enamel in their milk teeth is weaker than the enamel in adult teeth. Plus, awareness of children to maintain healthy teeth and mouth is still low, so the risk of children experiencing cavities is also high. Therefore, parents need to know the various causes of cavities and what you can do to protect your child’s teeth and visit the dentist regularly.

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