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Definition of Marketing

Do you often ask “What is Marketing?” In this article, we will discuss the definition of marketing and what they mean to a company. Marketing is a series of activities to meet the needs and customer satisfaction. How to create a product, determine the price, the place of sale and promote these products to consumers. Or the definition of marketing that is a blend of activities that are interconnected to be able to know what is needed by the consumer so that the company can develop products, prices, services and promotions that customer needs can be met as well as the company’s benefit. That’s some explanation regarding marketing select which ones because of all essentially the same. See our King Kong SEO service reviews on our website.

Marketing is very closely related to the activity of our daily lives because the object is to Consumers. As a rule, we as consumers are often faced with several options such as choosing a particular brand of product that we want to buy, where we will buy it and determine the time and quality when making a purchase. So we as consumers can be used as information required by the Marketer in conducting marketing. With the marketing of the consumers do not have to meet their needs individually. Due to the exchange with the perpetrators of marketing, consumers can meet the needs and satisfaction with getting the product or service.

For companies, marketing is an activity that has a very important role in determining the advance-decline of the company, as marketing has a function for generating income. The greater the income, the company will be more advanced and evolving, whereas when the income is less or smaller then the company will suffer a setback.

Marketing also acts as a promotion, which means that marketing serves to introduce the company and the products it produces to the public so that the company and its products can be known.

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