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Consider Some Of These Things Before Camping

Outdoor activities are an exciting vacation choice. Camping during the weekend in a remote place while doing new things will certainly give a lot of valuable experience. You can bathe in the river, fish, hiking, staring at the stars, or just want to spend the day reading. But before enjoying the excitement, there is careful planning that must be met to have a pleasant trip. Don’t be confused if you don’t have the tools you need for camping. You can look for it at survivalenvy.

Here is a list of dos & don’ts that can be a reference before spending the weekend in the open:

Make a plan. Do not let the trip be uncomfortable due to a lack of planning. Do not let, for example, once you reach the tent rental, all tents are completely rented.

Check your camping equipment again. Make a list of the equipment needed by the type of trip to be taken. Will it be backpacking or camping with family in a luxury camping ground at the foot of the mountain. Making a list can keep you from impromptu shopping.

Do not leave this important object when camping. Objects that must be carried in a backpack include a first aid kit, compass, map, and emergency equipment such as antidotes. These objects may seem troublesome, but still, once a small problem occurs on the way, you will need an insect sprayer or portable mosquito net that you left at home.

Leave a photocopy of the itinerary at home. Leave a photocopy of the itinerary at home, so your friends and family can guess where you are and when you are going home. If there is an emergency, they know where you are and where you are going.

Find out the policy on bringing pets. Most national parks do not allow pets to be brought for camping. However, some regions, including privately owned camping ground, set additional costs when bringing pets. If you bring a dog, don’t forget to bring a leash too, a foldable water bowl, and large amounts of dog food.

Arrive before night. Setting up the tent when it’s dark is quite troublesome even for the experienced camper. By arriving early, you can check the surrounding conditions. Making a campfire for cooking and warming yourself is also more flexible when it’s still bright.

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