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Choose Proper Roof for Minimalist House

The right roof model will support the minimalist home design entirely. The choice of modern minimalist home roof could be adjusted to your own taste. According to the, you can also match the roof of your own home with the trending houses of these days.

Here is the several modern minimalist home roof design that you can choose :

1. The saddle roof design
This roof model consists of two parallel sides that meet in the intersection line that’s located in the middle. This roof model is quite simple for the common house roof or also for some schools. The saddle home roof design with the 35 degrees of tilt is suitable whether for a traditional house or the modern one with the ability to absorb the sun radiation and could make the rain water flows into the ground easily.

2. The shield design
The shield roof design is actually an innovation from the saddle model. This shield roof has the tilted shape in all of its sides. This roof is made of two triangular and two trapezoidal shapes. It’s used the angle as much as 30 to 40 degrees. Due to it’s tilted sides, all of the walls could be protected from the direct sunlight and also the rain exposure. The another benefit of this roof choice is that its shape is sloping so it will redirect the wind upwards. That’s why the damage on the roof structure could be minimized.

3. The flat design
The flat home roof design could be considered as the simplest model for the minimalist home roof design, whether from its shape or the way it’s made. It’s because of this model made of the construction concrete that’s directly cast in its making process. Then in its construction and cost, this type of minimalist roof could be an alternative for you to choose.

We hope this info will help you to understand more about the choice of the roof for a minimalist house.

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