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Choose Car Tires As Needed

Tires are the most important element in a car. If a tire has a problem, then no matter how good the car you drive will still not be able to provide good performance. Choosing a car tire that is comfortable and safe when used is the most important thing you need to do. But not a few people who are confused about the type of tire that is suitable for their car or which tire suits your needs. Therefore, special tips are needed to determine which car tires to buy at the Gilson pneus.

First, choose as needed. If you use the car to traveling through muddy terrain and rocks then the type of tire that is suitable for the off-road is the Mud-Terrain which is known to be strong and sturdy when traveling through the most difficult terrain. But do not use this type for the city streets because it will be slippery and have less traction. Or do you often drive on flooded areas and gravel dirt roads? Well, for this, the type of All-Terrain the right one for you to use. As for those of you who only live in cities, the High Terrain type is very comfortable to use and not noisy.

Choose a suitable groove design pattern. The groove design pattern is also important because it can increase tire friction with the road. If the friction is small, the risk of slipping or slipping on the road is great. For wet roads in areas with high rainfall, the V design pattern that has high friction power is very suitable. Meanwhile, for roads that are too hot, avoid tires with a lot of strokes. Besides, the design pattern of round tread grooves is very suitable for you who often drive through bumpy roads. Choose a pattern that suits your needs and routinely replace it when the pattern is smooth. Tire thickness is also important. Choose thick tires if you like traveling. Besides, do not be too thin if driving on uneven roads because it can damage the wheels of your car.

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