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Children And Robots

Hi! In this blog, you will find information about technology and mostly robots. Technology is no longer common for people. Almost every day people are faced with technological developments that are so rapid. Ranging from gadgets like cellphones and laptops to intelligent machines that can ease human work, which we call robots. A robot is a mechanical device used to carry out a job that is usually done by humans. Robots are also equipped with machines or computers, both simple and complex that can regulate their movements.

Most of the general public still thinks that robots are always shaped like humans (Humanoid Type). There are no special classifications or classifications in the robot world. It’s just that in general robots are distinguished based on several elements. As seen from the size, motion, and function. When viewed from its size, there are small robots and some are large. When viewed from the motors, there are legged robots and some are wheeled. The most important element is in terms of the function and usefulness of the robot itself. The purpose and function of the robot itself are diverse, there are robots for the world of industry, health, putting out fires and others.

The benefits of studying robotics will be very beneficial for children. The reason, by learning robotics a child can:

– Robotics learning also stimulates the child’s brain to think systematically and structured ways of thinking so that it can solve a problem accurately. And help improve fine motor skills in children.

– Sharpen children’s skills in terms of designing a robot, because it takes creativity and high imagination to be able to make a robot into the desired shape.

-Train cooperation in children and increase self-confidence to inspire their opinions, accept and respect the opinions of others and dare to express or display their creative ideas freely.

-Practicing patience and perseverance in making a project.

And that is why I dedicated this blog to my children that are madly in love in robots and wants to build as many as they can. So you will find almost everything related to this subject. Hope you will love it.

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