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Can You Find A Suitable Domain Name For Your Website?

Finding a suitable website address is very important. This will affect the popularity of your website in the future, and a unique and easy to remember name can make people search for your website’s domain name (website address) on search engines. Additionally, you must also make sure that the website address of your domain name should be related to the country where you run your online business. So if you run your online business in New Zealand, you can try high-quality domain registrar NZ.

To determine a website address that is suitable for your website, I want to give you a few tips, including:


Choose a domain extension that is suitable for our website.


Choose a website address that is easy to pronounce is a plus.


If the website is intended for business, insert a few words that will later be useful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


If you are going to create a flower shop website, then insert the words “shop” or “flower” in the website address.

But this is not mandatory if we want to do branding on our business name.


Don’t make the website address too long. My advice, use only two words at the most.

What if the domain is already owned by someone else?

Often when we want to register a domain that we want to use as a website address, but someone already has it. However, unfortunately, the cost of renewing the two domains is expensive.

Cost Considerations

Don’t forget to consider the cost of buying or renewing your domain. Because these costs are what we spend annually.

This is important to consider before we start creating a website so that our website can continue to “live” in the long term but does not also make “wallets thin”

That’s it for the info regarding domain and website name that we can share with you, so we hope this article helps you to know more about domain and website.

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