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Best Whipped Cream

Dessert lovers must be familiar with whipped cream. Aside from being a cake decoration, whipped cream is also often used to decorate your favorite frappuccino. Kids also love it thanks to its creamy taste. However, among the many brands of whipped cream on sale, which one should you buy? First, you can get nangs for sale our website.

Choose the shape based on the use
Whipped cream is sold in various forms, ranging from powder, liquid, to aerosol. Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below, we will provide an explanation of the various forms of whipped cream.

Customize size based on your needs
If you choose liquid whipped cream, also pay attention to the size. Choose the size that suits your needs because the product will not last long after being opened. Moreover, most of the liquid whipped cream is sold in packages that do not have a lid that can be opened and closed.

If you want to make a large number of decorations or are going to hold a big event, you can use 500-1000 ml of liquid whipped cream. The size is large enough so that it can meet the needs in large quantities. However, if you only use it for consumption by a small family at home, 200 ml may be enough. Unlike liquid whipped cream, powdered whipped cream can be stored again after use. You only need to store the unused powder in an airtight container. So, you can use it several times. Another important thing to consider when buying whipped cream, whether liquid, powder, or aerosol, is the expiration date. Do not let you buy products that have expired so that you can’t even use them.

Non-dairy products are safe for those with lactose allergies
Whipped cream is usually made from milk, so it is not friendly for those of you who have an allergy to lactose. Therefore, it is very important to check the basic ingredients of your choice of whipped cream so as not to trigger allergies. This is also important to consider when you are going to prepare a meal for a large crowd. The good news, now there are various whipped cream products that are not made from milk. This non-dairy product can be a solution for those of you who have a lactose allergy. Instead, non-dairy products are usually made from palm oil or other vegetable fats.

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