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Benefit And Drawbacks Of Car Stickers

Some car owners are willing to put Car Stickers on the entire car body. The sticker installation is considered to be able to keep the car smooth, scratch-free, protect the original colour of the car, or just want to make the car look cooler. So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of using stickers on cars? First, stickers that are attached to the entire car body, aka body wrapping, can protect the original paint colour. because the car body is exposed to UV rays directly can make the colour fade.

Second, stickers can prevent mould from forming. Many factors cause mould to appear, such as rain that is not immediately wiped or cleaned. Third, stickers can protect the body from unwanted scratches. It’s not impossible that when you’re stuck in traffic, your car gets hit by a 2-wheeled vehicle, right? Especially if there is a fad hand that deliberately scratches the car body. Fourth, it’s time and cost-efficiency in terms of maintenance. No need to wax the body, because after washing the sticker-coated car, just wipe it dry and clean.

Fifth, body wrapping can also maintain resale value because the original paint and colours are maintained and shiny like a new car out of the dealership. Of course, the sixth is that the car looks more stylish, depending on the concept of the chosen body sticker.

But from the row of advantages of using stickers, you also need to consider some things that might be a weakness. Like the extra cost to apply body stickers during installation. If the sticker and the colour of the body wrapping do not match the vehicle registration number, the car may be ticketed. So it’s good to choose the appropriate sticker to avoid this possibility.

When you want to take it off, this is quite a hassle. Especially if you have to suddenly sell the car quickly. Removing the sticker takes extra effort so as not to damage the body paint. If you rush it, it’s possible that the paint can be damaged by the original car body. Usually, cases like this often occur in cars that have been repainted.

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