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Beginners Must Choose The Right Fishing Bait

For beginners in the fishing world, it is very important to know what types of fishing lures are suitable for your new fishing hobby. Meanwhile, if you worry about the right choice of a fishing rod, you can simply click Here to find the best fishing rod for yourself.

Summarized from various sources, this is how to choose the best fishing lures for anglers:

Choose the bait material according to your fishing method

Fishing lures from metal are on average not too expensive in terms of price. On the market fishing lures from metal are available from various types of materials, including the following materials:

Tungsten: This material includes the toughest metal material for fishing bait, has a very fast sinking speed and has stability.

Tin and iron: this material is very easy to throw at great distances.

Aluminum: bait from aluminum is the lightest, easy to move with the flow of water.

Using expensive fishing lures does not guarantee that your catch will increase. Therefore it is better for you to choose a fishing lure based on its function and use.

Metal fishing lures with low purity are indeed cheaper. However, for long-term use, it is recommended that you choose materials made with high purity and quality.

Choose the color of the bait according to the time and location of fishing

There are two types of fishing line colors, namely blue and pink bait. The color of the fishing lure gives a different effect. A bait in blue reflects sunlight and shines brilliantly, so it is easily seen by anglers. While the pink bait is more influential underwater, it has a more attractive effect on fish. It is recommended you always carry these two types of colors when fishing.

And also if the fishing location has turbid water conditions, then use pink fishing lures to increase the likelihood of your catch.

Choose the shape of the bait according to your fishing method

Fishing lure has a variety of different shapes, each form of bait has its own advantages. Some are superior in terms of ease of being thrown within a certain distance, some are superior in terms of durability and stability in water.

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